Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secretary Hagel?

From the National Journal comes a report proffered by Foreign Policy, stating that former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, is being considered for a posting as Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense.
Hagel currently co-chairs President Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board, an independent group that advises the president on the intelligence community. If nominated, Hagel would be the lone Republican in the Obama administration, as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is expected leave.

The White House and Hagel’s office declined to comment to FP.
I think Hagel has the temperament for Defense...maybe not so much for State. My curiosity will be - presuming their is any truth to this.....will the GOP embrace having a Republican [albeit one who has been critical of the party] in a key post in the Obama Administration.....or will they turn on him for going to the camp of the 'enemy'?

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  1. He's not in elected politics anymore, so he's safe. Anyway, once a member of the club, always a member...


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