Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judy Morris Report - Real News for Real People: A Twinkie Autopsy

Judy Morris Report - Real News for Real People: A Twinkie Autopsy: Twinkie-gate is getting a ton of media and blogger attention because of its bankruptcy and the loss of over 18,000 jobs. However, the...


  1. Thanks for the link!

    Here's what I said over there:

    Excellent analysis. Thinking like this is what converted me to economic libertarianism.

  2. The question on my mind is -- "Is the twinkie too big to fail" (In the Governments' eyes)? The loss of over 18k jobs, union jobs, has got to reverberate into the upper echelon of libville. Will they step in to save their fellow travellers and bail them out like GM.

    Part of me says no, because the other part of libville is at war with anything sugary. What will Chris Christie do now?

  3. Christie always has Little Debbie's to fall back on.

  4. Another part of the left wing Twinkie meme: it's good that Hostess is gone because that will help to cure the epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

    I actually heard an anchor on CBS spout that nonsense. I kid you not!


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