Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ah....Nature's Stair Master

I didn't hit Koko Head Crater last time I was deployed to PACOM, and since I'm working back up to tackling Mt Olympus, Lanipo and Olomana...this was a short trek. But it was up. I mean UP. They call it nature's stair master......and for good reason. 30 minutes up and 20 down [mostly due to people in my way]. So, compared to others times I've seen...not too shabby. I did manage to jog down the last 1/3, once I got around the people crabbing their way down. By that time, my knees needed extended motion.

Koko Head Crater from the parking lot.
View from the top.
And down. Damn slow people.....


  1. If you like Koko Head, you'll love the Manitou Incline.


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