Friday, May 30, 2014

The Telltale Signs of a Gun Control Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

- They claim to support the 2nd Amendment, but call for regulation and restriction of "high powered rifles", "high capacity magazines",  and "assault rifles".....yet are unable and unwilling to provide a definition of any of the above.

- They claim to support the 2nd Amendment, yet blame every criminal shooting on the NRA [and pretend that just as many incidents of defensive firearm use don't occur].

- They claim to support the 2nd Amendment, yet posit that the Founders "couldn't have envisioned modern firearms" [willfully oblivious to the fact that the Founders themselves lived in a time of great technological achievement, to include firearms].

- They claim to support the 2nd Amendment, and call for the need to "compromise", yet for them, compromise can only come from the gun rights position.

Be wary of these charlatans masquerading as allies of liberty. They are quite the opposite. Lenin had a name for them.......


  1. Banning a weapon simply because it looks scary (but which on the inside is literally equivalent to a hunting rifle) is not something that makes a lot of sense, now does it?

    1. Brother, don't get me started on the inane comments of the gun control lobby.....regarding the AR furniture that they can't define, describe or state why it makes a weapon more lethal. These fine folks are entertaining though......

  2. I had an argument with "Shaw Kenawe" over her support of legislation that would ban certain weapons based on WHAT COLOR THEY WERE PAINTED.

    She blew a gasket when caught ladelling out complete crap.

    1. I can't even fathom how an argument like that would go. But it's perfectly in line with the gun control cabal's assertions to date.


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