Friday, May 9, 2014

Change of Command ceremonies generally suck.....

But not this one. An appropriate post given my current duty location.

The ceremony was unusual in that it did not include the full division formation on Weyand Field. That was because about a third of the division’s Stryker and aviation brigades were involved in mission training, and other units were in the Philippines and New Zealand for exercises, Fuller said. Another battalion was out training at Schofield’s Jungle Operations Course.
The Hawaiian warriors dance that opened the ceremony was “a way to show our admiration and respect for the Hawaiian and Pacific islands culture,” Fuller said. The 25th was activated in Hawaii just months before the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941. 
The division’s deep roots here make it “forever part of Hawaii,” Fuller said.


  1. Now that was awesome.

    Warrior roots, warrior traditions.

    1. I agree. I would driven up to Schofield to see it, had I known beforehand.


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