Saturday, May 17, 2014

And the perpetual outrage machine goes rolling along.....

So ESPN cameras were on hand to capture Michael Sam's reaction to hearing that he was drafted...not remotely uncommon. The cameras caught him giving his significant other a celebratory kiss....also not remotely uncommon. The left wing media played this kiss up, to their discredit. The right wing media gives the non-story more legs by covering the kiss with the expected feigned outrage, to their discredit.

Then, in a tantrum of hypocrisy, Dallas morning show co-host, Amy Kushnir storms off of the set after arguing with her co-hosts...claiming that the kiss or it's coverage, was an opportunity to "make news". The very next day, she appears on right wing opportunity to "make news".

Kushnir, who stated “When parents do not have a choice as to whether or not they want their children to see this, it’s wrong.....It’s being pushed in faces" had no such qualms when she appeared admittedly giddy with Chippendale dancers on her morning show.

Yes, cry me a river over your selected outrage.

I'm perplexed by allegations of this 'persecution of the majority'......usually in response to statements by a minority who have themselves been historically persecuted by this majority. This simply illustrates that there are many who are not content to merely live their lives in accordance with their faith and values....they must compel others [often by the power of the State] to live their lives in accordance with the beliefs and values of the religious majority. This same majority will however, preach ad nausea as to how much they support liberty and freedom.

What they conveniently forget, is that religious freedom is protected insofar as your right to practice it without burden from the State or fellow citizen. You do not have the right however, to use the power of the State to enforce your belief system upon your fellow citizen.

Likewise, you do not have the right to not be offended....and you do not have the right not to be held accountable in the free market or the court of public opinion when you act or speak like a dick.

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  1. It's not so much a right as it is a chance to make a buck. Most of them don't really care about the actual story; they would sell their mother for a profit.


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