Saturday, May 3, 2014

Still leading like a CinC

George W. Bush zoomed through 12 miles of mountain biking trails — down ravines, through creeks and over rocky cliffs — showing hardly any ill effects Thursday from heart surgery nearly nine months ago.
The spry 67-year-old tested his fitness on familiar paths as he welcomed 16 wounded veterans to his Prairie Chapel Ranch for the fourth annual Warrior 100K, a three-day bike ride to honor service members injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
Bush called the event a “joyous occasion,” a way he can honor the veterans’ courage and sacrifice. He added that it’s hard to complain about one’s own maladies after seeing a veteran riding with a prosthesis, “hanging in there the whole time.” 
“These are people who’ve overcome difficult circumstances,” the former president said.



  1. Happy trails. And history will be kind to him.

    1. I think for the most part, yes. Iraq will be a black mark.


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