Monday, May 16, 2011

And late night talk show hosts and comedians wept.....

Trump is not running for President.

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  1. Oddly enough, I think that Trump could have actually gotten elected if he managed it right. Popular vote, at least, maybe not cleared the electoral college, but maybe so.

    Oh, his presidency would have made us look to the days of the Bush regime like a mythical golden age, a day when Erehwon was real, men had lived it, held it in their hearts, cherished it's sweet days...

    Why? He's a symbol, an icon, the one which is held up as the example from first grade, he is, literally, "Mister Success" as most people see it.
    He is the ultimate asshole boss, which we are conditioned to look to as the social acme.
    People certainly don't like working for the asshole boss, but they identify with him, understand him, because they want to BE him, really.

    They regard themselves as "millionaires in waiting" and he is simply themselves as they see it.

    Just look at the charactors of the TV shows that are most popular. The "plain folks" would vote fro Trump in a heartbeat.


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