Monday, May 2, 2011

Somewhere there is a guy......

Who went through Indoc, Basic Underwater Demolitions School and the rest of the SEAL pipeline.....who has been cold, wet and miserable beyond our comprehension; who may have questioned his commitment and resolve many times over....but endured.

He graduated, pinned the coveted 'Budweiser Badge'....and continued a life of adreneline, heartache, courage and sacrifice. He has continued to be cold, wet and miserable more often than we care to think.

But yesterday, he lived the moment for which millions of Americans would have sacrificed everything they owned.

Yesterday, a Navy SEAL represented the desire of those millions and spoke for them with a single voice. That voice came in the form of a round of ammunition through the left eye of Osama bin Laden.

My only further desire is that the last image Osama bin Laden saw before meeting his judge, was the velcro American Flag on the front of that SEALS' plate carrier, as the muzzle flash heralded his last breath.


  1. I'm sure if this brave young man could, he'd share that feeling with every American... The feeling of "take that and rot in hell"...


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