Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Your guide to being offended

Now all of your worries about pinko, commie, anti-American subversion's are compiled in one handy book. You can get your panties in a twist and be all butthurt in the course of a weekend.
The TV series Friends undermined family values; Sesame Street taught ethnic minorities about civil disobedience; Happy Days had a subtle anti-Vietnam subtext; and the 1980s cop show MacGyver tried to persuade pistol-packing Americans that guns are bad. That, at least, is the considered opinion of Ben Shapiro, an investigative author and right-wing columnist who will publish a detailed exposé tomorrow telling how Hollywood producers, writers and actors have been secretly using TV to promote what he calls a "radical" left-leaning political agenda.

Shapiro's book, Primetime Propaganda runs to 416 pages and revolves around comments by 70-odd industry heavyweights who he approached for interviews. The book promises to "profile the biggest names in showbusiness over the past 50 years" and includes a series of "gotcha" moments, in which the architects of the best-watched TV shows of modern times tell how they tried to use the medium of broadcasting to, as Shapiro puts it, "shape America in their own leftist image".
The Independent

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  1. Hollywood a bastian of left wing, commies, you're pulling my leg... These bastards almost succeeded, but we woke up and now we're kicking ass and taking names...

    Please stop by TBAA and help our worthy cause...


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