Saturday, May 14, 2011

A point of light in the darkness?

Could it be that I could vote for a major party Presidential candidate? After years of supporting the never-going-to-win-the-White-House-in-my-lifetime Libertarian Party [of which I am still a member, despite their misguided electoral strategy].....there may be a candidate worth my vote.

Oh sure, I like Ron Paul.....but his fundamentalism really turns me off. His candidacy is beneficial to open the debate to idea's of actual change. But he's not going to win, and probably shouldn't.

Admittedly, he is new to my political radar, having heard his positions for the first time in the South Carolina GOP debate. But I'm intrigued and hopeful....and who knows....a GOP candidate may once again have earned my vote.

And to top it off.....he's a fellow competitor in the Bataan Memorial Death March - Heavy Division!

Check him out and tell me what you think of Gary Johnson.

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