Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quote of the Day

Newt is an angry little attack muffin - Peggy Noonan

Love it!

Don't get me wrong, I sort of like Newt. I'd thoroughly enjoy sharing some single malt and talking with him for hours on a wide variety of subjects. I feel the same way about Mike Huckabee. There are some politicians who I believe are entirely genuine, and genuinely good people.

But I don't want them to lead the nation. I'm probably the odd duck, but I don't want a contest of personalities and flair in my national races. That is for game show hosts. For my President, I want a boring technocrat. I want someone who will follow the law of the land, without pandering to sacred cows and graven images...someone who will honor the sanctity of personal liberty and consensual freedoms. A President who understands both what makes us exceptional, but knows our limitations; one who pursues fiscal policy like a single parent with a mortgage and braces to pay for.

But what am I treated to? What we in the Army use to call  dick measuring contest. Good hair, good teeth, the right level of patriotic exuberance and the quick list of approved catch phrases.

It's American Idol for politics....and all get to choose from are varying copies of William Hung.

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