Saturday, August 30, 2014

After what seemed like an eternity......

The season begins today.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hey GOP: If ISIL/ISIS is such a threat to the homeland......

Do something about it. Stop your bedwetting petulant tantrums and conduct a roll call vote to declare war. Use your Constitutional powers or just quit....just go the fuck home.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


In line with my previous post wondering aloud as to why our public schools did not offer courses for a particular public good....lifesaving first perusing of the daily memes from the gun control cabal got me thinking.....

If the propaganda machine on the left wishes to insert a palatable "gun safety" into their narrative-framing to low information citizens, instead of the more appropriate gun control.....let's latch on to that and take it to a level that forces them to recant their rhetoric.

I'm all about gun safety. So let's require our public school system to institute a firearm handling and safety curriculum. This will surely reduce the number of accidental discharges and shootings by well as actually educate a generation that is being otherwise inculcated that guns are icky.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"When Assholes Collide" - A frank dissertation on Ferguson

I don't often comment on racially charged matters, especially after the buffoonish conduct of the media and certain camps during the Trayvon Martin circus...and won't really add anything today of the orgy of looting...I mean undocumented shopping.

But IvyMikeCafe over at the blog of the same name, takes this event and weaves it into the broader picture of progressivism, police misconduct, media malfeasance and race, in a way that I only wish I could. It's a pretty lengthy piece for a blog post, so here are a few choice excerpts:
First group of assholes: the media 
For the love of all that’s holy, the US media is full of brainwashed cultural-marxist, limp-wristed, sissy men and their “you-go-girl,” change-the-world sisters. They lack ability to think critically and they frame every issue within the bucket of rotting tripe the pampered communists in their J-schools filled their spongy young minds with.
Next group of assholes: Officer Safety and his merry band of stormtroopers
It’s raids like these, and raids over raw milk, poker games, guitar wood, and quite frankly, search warrants, that I find objectionable. The idea that we need to bring maximum violence to every situation in the name of “Officer Safety” is paradoxical and stupid. We are a country with 80 million gun owners, and we have enough stupid laws and regulations on the books that any of us could be committing three felonies a day without knowing it. 
Next group of assholes: ghetto black Americans, their enablers, and non-blacks who act like ghetto black Americans 
Celebrating looters and rioters who take their anger out on sneaker stores, liquor stores, rim stores, and various and sundry businesses that had nothing to do with the death of a young, ghetto black American feeds every stereotype about ghetto black American culture on a parabolic scale. While the media may lionize this conduct, the rest of the country looks on it with scorn. It sucks for the protestors that are doing civil disobedience right. 
Next group of assholes: Big government progressives from all spectra 
Ferguson is a town where 50 years of the welfare state and 50 years of the warfare state have come to clash. It is the legacies of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Nixon’s War on Drugs mixing into a toxic brew of hopelessness, dysfunction, and oppression. Their tragedy is magnified by the recalcitrance of the central planners in the imperial capital of DC to cop to the fact that by all metrics, these “Wars on” have failed on every level except to grow the size and power of the central state over the lives of the citizenry.
This is the message our media should be conveying...after all, if they're going to editorialize instead of practicing investigative journalism, they might as well serve as a check on the power of the State, right? Sadly, all they have been reduced to is a platform for the talking points of the two major parties.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A question of common sense

Work is wearing me down....sucking much of the life force out of me....and causing my synapses to misfire. So blogging has been light. But I do occasionally have the odd spark of a question that really makes me wonder.

Why isn't basic first aid and CPR taught as part of the curriculum in our public schools across the nation?

We as a society are utterly failing our youth in most aspects of the hierarchy of needs: they tend to know only that food comes packaged from the market with little to no knowledge of hunting or farming. The tend to know only that fire comes from a Bic or if they're lucky, a Zippo.  And for life saving measures, they tend to know only 'call 911'.

We have created a society of utter dependency on an utterly fragile infrastructure of convenience and sloth.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Case for Libertarianism

A WaTimes OpEd from last month, that I just stumbled across, making a very cogent case for the ideology I subscribe to. Excerpts below.
Misleading or one-sided characterizations notwithstanding, libertarianism is precisely the “third way” that many Americans desire. 
Libertarianism is not the claim that individuals are always rational, or that markets are always efficient, or that the distribution of income under laissez-faire capitalism is always “fair.” Rather, it is the claim that, despite the imperfections of private arrangements, government interventions usually make things worse. Thus, non-intervention is the better policy. 
A crucial feature of libertarianism is consistency: It applies a skeptical lens to all aspects of government, whether economic, social or foreign. In every case, libertarianism asks calmly but rigorously whether intervention actually yields better outcomes, regardless of whether that implies a “conservative” or “liberal” policy conclusion. Libertarianism sticks to its principles. 
This consistency does not, by itself, make libertarianism “right,” but it shows libertarianism’s unique perspective on government. Libertarianism holds that government causes many current problems, so more government is unlikely to reduce these problems. The best approach is to remove the existing government that causes or exacerbates the problem in the first place.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Finally. Women explained mathematically

The "Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix"

"...or anyone named Tiffany"!

A Soldiers Kit

On a winter’s day in 1915 the family of one Capt Charles Sorley – athlete, soldier and poet – received a package. It was his kit bag, sent home by his regiment from the Western Front, where Sorley had been killed, aged 20, at the Battle of Loos. Out of this bag came a life abridged: personal effects, items of uniform and a bundle of papers, from which emerged his now famous sonnet When You See Millions of the Mouthless Dead. A new photographic survey of military kits now illustrates that curious combination. The photographer Thom Atkinson has recorded 13 military kits for his ‘Soldiers Inventories’ series.


Thursday, August 7, 2014



And on top of that........4.5-magnitude quake rattles Hawaii as hurricanes near

What's next...Sharknado?

It's tough being a prepper and being 6,000 miles away from your family and supplies. At least I'm stocked on Scotch.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

We Sabotage Ourselves

The midterm election season is upon us, and it’s a tossup whether the Republicans will win the Senate, or if President Obama, seemingly oblivious as conflict flares up around the world, will, through his continuous campaigning, keep Harry Reid in his majority leader seat. 
The only thing we know for sure is that sociopaths will be elected. 
The electorate must by now recognize they are electing incompetents at best, and at worst, crooks, but the constant, na├»ve, pro-democracy mantra is, “We just need to elect the right people.” 
But, the “right people” aren’t (and won’t be) running for office. Instead, we will continue to have “the average American legislator [who] is not only an ass,” as H.L. Mencken wrote, “but also an oblique, sinister, depraved, and knavish fellow.” 
The Sage of Baltimore had it correct that to be elected and stay elected in American politics to any full-time position requires the suspension of any ethics or good sense a person may possess. Even those who begin political careers with the best intentions and have measurable abilities that would make them successful in any field soon realize that the skills required to succeed in politics are not those required outside politics.
Much longer article at Casey Research 

This article illustrates why the incessant squabbling over Team A versus Team B, is a self serving exercise in futility.