Saturday, August 23, 2014

"When Assholes Collide" - A frank dissertation on Ferguson

I don't often comment on racially charged matters, especially after the buffoonish conduct of the media and certain camps during the Trayvon Martin circus...and won't really add anything today of the orgy of looting...I mean undocumented shopping.

But IvyMikeCafe over at the blog of the same name, takes this event and weaves it into the broader picture of progressivism, police misconduct, media malfeasance and race, in a way that I only wish I could. It's a pretty lengthy piece for a blog post, so here are a few choice excerpts:
First group of assholes: the media 
For the love of all that’s holy, the US media is full of brainwashed cultural-marxist, limp-wristed, sissy men and their “you-go-girl,” change-the-world sisters. They lack ability to think critically and they frame every issue within the bucket of rotting tripe the pampered communists in their J-schools filled their spongy young minds with.
Next group of assholes: Officer Safety and his merry band of stormtroopers
It’s raids like these, and raids over raw milk, poker games, guitar wood, and quite frankly, search warrants, that I find objectionable. The idea that we need to bring maximum violence to every situation in the name of “Officer Safety” is paradoxical and stupid. We are a country with 80 million gun owners, and we have enough stupid laws and regulations on the books that any of us could be committing three felonies a day without knowing it. 
Next group of assholes: ghetto black Americans, their enablers, and non-blacks who act like ghetto black Americans 
Celebrating looters and rioters who take their anger out on sneaker stores, liquor stores, rim stores, and various and sundry businesses that had nothing to do with the death of a young, ghetto black American feeds every stereotype about ghetto black American culture on a parabolic scale. While the media may lionize this conduct, the rest of the country looks on it with scorn. It sucks for the protestors that are doing civil disobedience right. 
Next group of assholes: Big government progressives from all spectra 
Ferguson is a town where 50 years of the welfare state and 50 years of the warfare state have come to clash. It is the legacies of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Nixon’s War on Drugs mixing into a toxic brew of hopelessness, dysfunction, and oppression. Their tragedy is magnified by the recalcitrance of the central planners in the imperial capital of DC to cop to the fact that by all metrics, these “Wars on” have failed on every level except to grow the size and power of the central state over the lives of the citizenry.
This is the message our media should be conveying...after all, if they're going to editorialize instead of practicing investigative journalism, they might as well serve as a check on the power of the State, right? Sadly, all they have been reduced to is a platform for the talking points of the two major parties.


  1. In 1940, the black poverty rate was 87% and the black illegitimacy rate was 19%. In 2014, the black poverty rate is 27% and the black illegitimacy rate is 72%. That's the problem (and I agree with the dude's assessment that it was war on poverty and the war on drugs that created this pathology) and until we're able to fix it, nothing's going to change 'cept the body count.

    1. Those are some sobering statistics. Sadly, though blaming the State is smack on target.....if people don't have the wherewithal to help themselves.....there's probably no help for them.

  2. Only 80 mil gun owners? That's sad.
    I read today, that 5 people from the white house are going to the Mike Brown funeral. While None went to the funeral of the highest ranking general who was killed in Afghanistan recently. What else do you need to know about their agenda.

    I don't think the media's actions can be completely described as ignorance and stupidity, I think there is Much organized propaganda done for the democrat party. They're all on the same page when the sun comes up everyday. That doesn't happen by accident.


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