Saturday, August 2, 2014

We Sabotage Ourselves

The midterm election season is upon us, and it’s a tossup whether the Republicans will win the Senate, or if President Obama, seemingly oblivious as conflict flares up around the world, will, through his continuous campaigning, keep Harry Reid in his majority leader seat. 
The only thing we know for sure is that sociopaths will be elected. 
The electorate must by now recognize they are electing incompetents at best, and at worst, crooks, but the constant, na├»ve, pro-democracy mantra is, “We just need to elect the right people.” 
But, the “right people” aren’t (and won’t be) running for office. Instead, we will continue to have “the average American legislator [who] is not only an ass,” as H.L. Mencken wrote, “but also an oblique, sinister, depraved, and knavish fellow.” 
The Sage of Baltimore had it correct that to be elected and stay elected in American politics to any full-time position requires the suspension of any ethics or good sense a person may possess. Even those who begin political careers with the best intentions and have measurable abilities that would make them successful in any field soon realize that the skills required to succeed in politics are not those required outside politics.
Much longer article at Casey Research 

This article illustrates why the incessant squabbling over Team A versus Team B, is a self serving exercise in futility.


  1. Indeed.

    I think we would be better served with a plethora of parties scattered across the ideological arc as well as along the liberty-tyranny spectrum.

    They could make and break alliances based on circumstances of the time.

    My only caveat would be that elections would have to be won by a majority, which would require run-offs.

    1. Agree completely. This will limey never come to pass though. Most American like their politics in a Happy Meal. They either choose a GOP toy made in China, or a Democratic toy made in China....but they're all eating the prepackaged, thawed slop.

      With the complicit media abetting this order to cheaply and lazily present "both sides".

      Most people throw their arms in the air and complain that this is simply the cards we're dealt.....and then continue to exacerbate the problem.

  2. CI, Agreed. SF - I like your idea but it even electing a bona-fido third party has zero chance. And that's even without the politico's using all the tools they have. The voters are too afraid or stupid to move beyond red or blue.

    1. Yep. We get told breathlessly that each succeeding election is "the most important election of our time!!!!!"

      If the most positive outlook of our political system we can muster, is merely stemming the tide, without actually improving it......I vote that we scrap the entire experiment and start over.

    2. Kid,
      I agree that third party has no chance, but if we had five, eight or more, it would fragment the political class, and no one party could dominate it all. They would have to form coalitions and put up slates of candidates.

      But as I said, the big downfall is you could get some clown elected with 36% of the vote, as child molester and dedicated communist Daniel Ortega got elected in Nicaragua after the leftists got their opponents to fracture into various parties.

      Conservatives need to think strategically, like Machiavelli.

      With all apologies to General Patton: You don't win by starting a third party. You win by making the other poor, dumb bastards start a third party

    3. SF, Yes, that's an interesting thought.

      It sure is depressing the way it is. The dems declared war on us and they Have Their Act Together, not the least of which is the media in their corner and all of them being on the same page backed up by professional marketing, while repubblekins flounder around trying to figure out how to answer media questions about gays - and none of them are on the same page.,

    4. Kid - I concur. I wish the GOP would own the civil liberties issue, and take this entirely out of the Democrats playbook. That would force them to answer for their fiscal policies...instead of framing the narrative, dumbing politics down to an episode of TMZ. It needs to be McLaughlin group.

  3. Silver said: " You win by making the other poor, dumb bastards start a third party"

    I'd love to see the Dems fracture into several weak parties: the Maxine Waters - Jesse Jackson racist wing (negative-image photo of the KKK as the emblem); the anti-worker thug AFL-CIO, SEIU wing (flag shows a striker beating a worker with a truncheon); the bloodthirsty abortion industry wing that loves to butcher young children (Gosnell is their emblem); the crony corporate capitalism wing (flag shows federal grant money flying to China), the internationalist/ Stalinist wing (led by Van Jones), the pseudo-science "global warming" wing (emblem: Al Gore)....

    There, does that take care of most of the illegitimate and destructive wings of the Democratic Party.... wings the country would be 100% better off without the influence of?


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