Sunday, August 24, 2014


In line with my previous post wondering aloud as to why our public schools did not offer courses for a particular public good....lifesaving first perusing of the daily memes from the gun control cabal got me thinking.....

If the propaganda machine on the left wishes to insert a palatable "gun safety" into their narrative-framing to low information citizens, instead of the more appropriate gun control.....let's latch on to that and take it to a level that forces them to recant their rhetoric.

I'm all about gun safety. So let's require our public school system to institute a firearm handling and safety curriculum. This will surely reduce the number of accidental discharges and shootings by well as actually educate a generation that is being otherwise inculcated that guns are icky.


  1. My children went to school in England for a few years.
    In 4th Grade, they had to learn swimming. It was not an option. You learned to swim or failed the 4th Grade.
    Again in 7th Grade, they had to learn orienteering. You didn't pass 7th Grade without knowing how to find your way around with a map and compass.
    Made perfect sense to me.

    1. Makes perfect sense. But somebody's precious little angel wouldn't be very good at swimming or orienteering...we won't see that type of instruction here.

      Much like we won't see actual gun safety in our schools. I ate it when England does something better than us!

  2. This is the way to attack it. Did you see the blurb in the news about a lawyer group that is suing localities over their unconstitutional gun laws and winning? This is the way to do it. That's how the libtards got us over the last 50 years. They sued America. Let's sue them back to the stone age. That's something I would contribute to.

    1. Liberals have long used the courts to advance their agenda, so it's only fitting to use the same against them. Where I depart from the usual right wing line on the courts, is that I support overturning laws that restrict civil liberty.

      For me, there is an equal morality of using the courts to overturn bans on marriage there would be in using the courts to overturn voter enacted bans on firearms.


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