Friday, June 1, 2012

"I would never hide under a table"

The man had been banned from the artsy Seattle cafe for acting out, but he showed up anyway and tried to place an order. After the barista declined to serve him, he stood up, took out a gun and began shooting as people scrambled for cover.
One man tried to stop him.
Grabbing the only weapons at hand — bar stools — he tossed them at the gunman, even as the man aimed at him, Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said Thursday after reviewing surveillance video of the massacre. The tactic created enough of a delay in the shooting that two or three other customers managed to escape.
"My brother died in the World Trade Center," the man, identified as Lawrence Adams, later told police. After his brother's death, he said, he resolved that if something like this ever happened, "I would never hide under a table."

This is the stuff America is made of....or at least used to be. Live strong, refuse to be a victim!


  1. This is the stuff America is made of...

    Yes it is, and as you intimate, the nanny state is trying to breed it out of us.

    Imagine if Adams had been packing. It would have been over much quicker.


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