Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of Feigned Outrage and Bloody Shirts

Regarding the tragic shooting of a toddler by her 5 year old brother, Sean Sorrentino adroitly puts into perspective the circus of the gun control-media complex.
Here’s what bothers me about the story. The fuckheads on Twitter screaming bloody murder about the accidental death of a child none of them knew and none of them actually cared about before she became a prop in their political morality play.

Newsflash assholes: You aren’t fooling anyone with your crocodile tears. Tearing your hair and rending your garments while wailing might look cool in a movie, but you look really stupid when you do it over a child you’ve never even heard of before today.

Here’s what’s really going on. You assholes are pretending to care about this girl’s death so that you can use it to push for stricter gun control laws. You are using this girl’s death as a weapon to attack the gun company that makes the Crickett rifle (Warning, ThinkProgress) her brother was playing with. You don’t give a shit that tens of thousands (at least!) of these rifles have been sold to parents all across the USA. You don’t give a shit that these tens of thousands of rifles are used safely to teach children and small adults to shoot.

No, the only reason you give a shit at all about this poor little girl from a gun owning family in a flyover state is because you think you can use her death to advance your political agenda. At some point, when you were down on your knees scooping her blood up in your hands so you could grease the skids for more gun control, you should have seriously questioned your humanity.

The fact that you didn’t tells me you don’t have any left.

And what the fuck is it with all the Australian #GunControl fanatics on Twitter? Go the fuck back to your own country. If you want to cheer your masters for taking away your rights, go ahead. But don’t expect me to celebrate with you. And you better damn well not expect me to give up my rights to be just like you pussies.
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