Sunday, January 12, 2014 the face of the enemy. The enemy of Liberty.


  1. I should have viewed this in the early morning so that it would lurch me fully awake. Practically every statement was hopelessly inane.

    Government regulation is good because the FDA saves us from choosing to take poisonous substances - as if taking strychnine is a rational choice for a sore throat - so therefore government saves us from ourselves, the poor, benighted mouth-breathers who aren't part of the party elite.

    Government bureaucrats make better decisions than the populace because they aren't subject to personal bias, which explains why there are no lobbyists.

    This is another great example of George Orwell's maxim that there is no idea so idiotic that an intellectual hasn't thought of it.

    1. I couldn't have put a response together better than what you just did. Unseemly though it may be in the eyes of the State...I bow to your rationale sir! It's like you had a shotgun full of logic.


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