Thursday, February 13, 2014

And another Snow Day(s).......

Being a Contractor at a Government site has it's of which having to use personal/vacation time when OPM close all Federal facilities due to inclement weather.

But with some hot Chili and some smooth SMS...all will be well. I front loaded hours this week and will enjoy a costly, but deserved, five day weekend.

A fellow Lightfighter remarked on D.C.s perpetual trauma and drama when snow hits the area:
They could deal with an outbreak of dinosaurs more efficiently and with less surprise.


  1. Dig, dig, dig -- that's what I did most of today here in Northern Virginia. And I had some help from neighbors and a family member.

    Shoveling off that wheelchair ramp is a bitch! But it's done now. I can only hope that no more significant snow is on the way.

    But I have my reward now. The chili is ready! I made a big pot of chili for today -- figured that I'd need it.

    1. Yep...shoveling sucked. Too many years of jumping our of airplanes have made for a back that doesn't stand up to snow shoveling well.

      But Chili is indeed a superb way to thaw afterwards. I'm going to give it about an hour, and crack the seal on a good Scotch.

    2. I was up again before 5:00 AM this morning and out there shoveling like a fiend. The plows came by and blocked the wheelchair ramp, which also had to be shoveled. I have one vehicle that should be able to roll today, but the wheelchair van is still buried.

      I am grateful that we have no sidewalk here. How the hell would I ever get that done in addition to all the rest?

  2. I've been meaning to contact you about the possibility of your being the interviewee on The Gathering Storm Radio Show -- for a future date. If you're willing, I think that we could interview you on March 7. Email me if you're interested; my email address is on my sidebar.


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