Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News on the Furry Front

Amid all the gloomy news from Afghanistan (and the fingers-on-chalkboard strategy debate), here’s a cheerful headline: An Australian Special Forces explosives-sniffing dog has been found alive in Afghanistan — more than a year after she went MIA in firefight.
According to a news release from the Australian military, Sabi, a Black Labrador, was found by a U.S. soldier at an isolated outpost in Oruzgan Province. Sabi had gone missing after a 2008 firefight in which nine Australian soldiers were wounded, including the dog’s handler. Trooper Mark Donaldson, a member of the Australian Special Air Service regiment, won a Victoria Cross for his actions during the battle.
It’s not clear from the news release who was taking care of Sabi, but it’s a fair guess that there are some dog-lovers in Oruzgan Province.
The U.S. soldier, identified only as John, happened upon Sabi in the company of a local man. He knew that the Australians were missing an explosives-sniffing dog. “I took the dog and gave it some commands it understood,” John said.
Read the rest at Danger Room.

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