Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kool-Aid by another name?

Coffee Party USA aims to reinvigorate the public sphere, drawing from diverse backgrounds and diverse perspectives, with the goal of expanding the influence of the People in America's political arena.

It's a Democratic response to a Republican movement, but I frankly expected more creativity from the left, as opposed to imitation.

I respect any true grass roots citizen's always refreshing to see people being activists rather than sheep. I really haven't seen it yet.....

I'm not implying that my opinion cannot change over time, but the Coffee Party movement is too new and too suspect given the reactionary implications. I have no doubt that there are good, honest citizens in the Coffee Party, who are becoming involved to make our country a better place. I have no doubt also that the Tea Party has good, liberty minded citizens who merely wish for responsible and accountable government. I'm sure that quite a few of those realize how the movement was either initiated or simply co-opted by the Republican Party, but know of nowhere else to turn.

As to the Coffee Party...I'm waiting to see if they will likewise be folded into their respective party, or if they will become an independent entity holding progressives accountable. The Tea Party hasn't done that, so I'm not holding my breath.


  1. All I can say is I pray for the safety of our troops, and their safe return. I am a wife of a retired military man and I know what it is like to have your husband somewhere in harms way. My son also fought ont he front lines of the first Gulf War. I was never so scard in my life.
    So again I will pray for each and everyone of them.

  2. Follow the money.

    It shows which corps gave to which critter, and then how they voted.
    These traitors and saboteurs are on both sides of the aisle. Cash, and greed have no party affiliation.

  3. Maplight seems similar to

    I'll keep Maplight as another good reference, thanks!


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