Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stumbling, bumbling....

One of my daily must-reads, RealityZone has posted a piece from, by David Michael Green...titled Stumbling About In the Graveyard of Empires.

Probably about the best article I have read concerning why we went, why we stayed and what it really means.

If there was ever a decent justification visible for the American war in Afghanistan, there isn't now.

That doesn't mean that one is impossible to imagine. I'm no fan of the Taliban or al Qaeda, though that alone doesn't justify invading the country. Nor does a military occupation necessarily make things better, even if you assume that a particular regime is noxious enough that a regime decapitation is warranted. Time after time, great powers have learned to their chagrin that the natives don't always necessarily appreciate being invaded, occupied and told who the new boss replacing the old boss will be. People can be odd that way.

But leave all that aside for the moment. Maybe al Qaeda did 9/11, as we were told. Maybe the Taliban were harboring them. Maybe both had a violent, regressive and otherwise just generally ugly agenda. Maybe there was even justification enough for invading in 2001.

I nevertheless meant my initial critique quite literally, however. Whatever may or may not have been the case in 2001, it's now 2010, and any such clarity or justification is now invisible. Indeed, what I find most astonishing about America's latest military adventure is just how much this gravest of national decisions is not being seriously discussed in our national discourse.


  1. Thanks for the plug: I am glad some one read and appreciated the article.
    This is what makes it all worth while.
    The more this is exposed, the better for all concerned.
    Then was then. And now is now. If our government would give me one, just one factual reason of why we are there [soldiers, and civilians dieing] then I might go along with them.
    Obama wants to pawn this off as the justified war.
    Justified by who, and for who?

  2. I just found this---
    Talk about twisting the pretzel.
    Wars are political, and this is the greatest example of a political war. A war of dems, and repubs. All they care about is power. They DO NOT support our troops.

  3. Your link provides a quote from a prominent hot-air spewing pundit that sums up the situation succinctly:

    Another prominent conservative, Tony Blankley, said he has come to oppose the war in Afghanistan because he doesn’t trust Obama: "I come to Afghanistan on a distinctive basis: I look at who our commander in chief is, and I do not have confidence in his intention to pursue success. So, although I generally believe in engagement ... and I believe we have interests there, I don’t believe the resources are going to be applied."

    There it is....we don't support the war now, because it's not our guy in charge.

    This is from Blankley an old uber Neocon hand.
    Many palms get greased in these endless proxy wars without borders.

    None of these chickenhawks want to play second fiddle. Less payola and "glory" for THEIR side of the aisle.

    Play forward 2 years.-.-.-.-
    Repubs are anti war.
    Dems are encased and can not get out.

    Shillary to the rescue. LOL.


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