Thursday, October 28, 2010

A heinous act.......15 years ago today

Rest in  Peace Major Badger.....

From fifteen years ago:

As 1,300 soldiers of the 82d Airborne Division were setting out on a predawn run from a flood-lit stadium here today, muzzle flashes and gunfire erupted from the woods about 150 yards away. Within seconds, a sniper had killed 1 soldier, wounded 18 others and sent hundreds fleeing for cover.
Unarmed Special Forces soldiers jogging who were nearby heard the shots, dashed into the woods in what they described as a "flanking movement," surprised a gunman and subdued him in a struggle.
The suspect was identified as Sgt. William J. Kreutzer, 26, a member of the elite 82d Airborne, whose headquarters are here. An Army spokesman, Lieut. Col. Tim Vane, said Sergeant Kreutzer was in custody and was being questioned by military officials, although he had not been officially charged. 

Military officials refused to discuss possible motives for the shooting or whether the gunman seemed to have had one or more particular targets in mind.The soldier who was killed was identified as Maj. Stephen Mark Badger, 38, an intelligence officer and a native of Salt Lake City. 
The shooting occurred about 6:30 A.M. as the soldiers, dressed in running shorts, T-shirts and reflective belts, began moving out in ranks for a four-mile run. The soldiers were jogging out of the stadium three abreast, but they began scattering wildly once they realized they were under fire, officials and witnesses said.


  1. Did they ever find out why he did it?

  2. We knew for awhile before this, that he was a sniveling turd. He kept claiming that he was being harassed and mocked....but the bottom line is that he was a shitbag who never should have gotten promoted.

    His death penalty was commuted due to 'mental illness'......


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