Friday, October 1, 2010

Iraq movie review

I'm not usually up for movies or books about Iraq, but I had made two exceptions. The first being the horribly inaccurate 'The Hurt Locker', which I had written about here previously. Now after watching it in fits and starts for the last six months or so, is 'Brothers at War'.

I thought it was well done, that and it being a documentary, set it apart from The Hurt Locker. The movie explores the Iraq War through the eyes [and lens] of Jake Rademacher who wanted to understand the motives, emotions and hardships of his two brothers, both of which serving at Fort Bragg with multiple deployments to Iraq.

Very well done and insightful....I recommend this film for both those who served and those who have family who served in Iraq.


  1. I have been meaning to see this, and now I am reminded that I really must watch it. I actually liked the Hurt Locker, warts and all, in part because it showed the contrast between the lives we enjoy at home vs. the lives we ask our warriors to live on our behalf. And yeah, there was some really dumb stuff in that movie.

  2. I definitely recommend next stop is Restrepo.


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