Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dressed to Kilt!

New Yorkers and celebrities embraced the kilt for a good cause in Manhattan.
The annual "Dressed to Kilt" fundraiser -- which benefits the Wounded Warrior Project, the Paralyzed Veterans Association of America and the Erskine Hospital -- filled the Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday night for good fun.
Audience members, such as entrepreneur Donald Trump, were flashed by Broadway's "That Championship Season" cast Kiefer Sutherland, Chris Noth, Brian Cox, Jason Patric and Jim Gaffigan.

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  1. Ah, the kilt! No finer garment more utile for a case of the shits or unlooked-for fornication, so one has been told.

    One has also heard that when the 42nd was first posted to the colonies, a daring young woman approached a group of soldiers, and did, in fact, inquire as to what was worn under the garment.
    A sergeant, to whom this question was addressed, is said to have replied, "Missie, ah'm a mon o' few words... gie us yer hond".

    The record stops there, unfortunatly. ;-)


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