Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help a grieving Gold Star Father

Matt and the Team from Blackfive have accepted a tall order, and you can help a father visit the hallowed ground where his son gave his life.
"I can not die in peace one day if I do not go. I will be 58 in January and... I think I can't wait any longer. But more importantly I have a gut feeling it is time.

The only gift in life I dream of for myself, strictly only for me, is to kneel and touch the ground where [he] died. To smell the air. To see what he saw his final days, final moments. I can see it at a distance of several hundred feet through out of date Google Earth Photos but that simply is not good enough for me. Even if it were to cost me my very life, I have to go there. I need your help to figure out how to make this happen. I would appreciate anything you could do to help me formulate an entry plan in country to make this happen."
You can help by donating to Soldiers' Angels PayPal or Authorize.Net and type in the memo code GOLDSTAR. Or you can send a check with GOLDSTAR in the memo field to:
    Soldiers' Angels 1792 E Washington Blvd Pasadena, CA 91104
Corporate donors and foundations can contact me directly via email.  Sponsors are also welcome.

Visit Blackfive for the entire story.

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