Friday, March 2, 2012

Afghan National Police: Building competing with Reforming

An interesting assessment of the Afghan National Police for any foreign policy wonks out there, courtesy of Ink Spots.

From the Executive Summary:

The report refers to the problems of the dominance of military elements in buildingthe ANP. It is not clear whether the militarization of the ANP has significantly improved the chances of survival for members of the Afghan police. What is certain is that militarization cannot solve the problem of the weak legitimacy of the Afghan state. There is still a lack of trust between the public and the police, especially as the ANP is inadequately equipped to prevent or solve crimes. Moreover, the possible long-term consequences of militarization are problematic: It is easier to militarize the police now than it will be to drive out the spirit of militarization at a later date. The militarization of the ANP is therefore at the best ineffective and at the worst counterproductive. Only a police force which the people trust can be effective.

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  1. The military and police we have trained with take their training and weapons each back to his tribal faction once we go.

    Better to go now and let them get on with the retalibanization...


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