Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spin Control

Instead of wasting precious time engaging in empty rhetoric over non-issues, why don't we ever simply solve the damn problem?

Of, I know....once we actually start solving problems, the parties lose their hold over the population. Can't have that can we?
Anyone -- a local teenager, a traveling businessman, a married mother of four, an illegal immigrant, even a student at a Jesuit university -- can walk into my neighborhood CVS any time, day or night, and, for less than $30, buy a 36-count “value pack” of Trojan condoms.
That’s enough to last most Americans at least three months, according to Kinsey Institute surveys. If you want more, you can buy out the store’s entire stock. There’s no limit, and you don’t need to see a doctor for permission and a prescription.
Contrary to widespread belief, there’s no good reason that oral contraceptives -- a far more effective form of birth control -- can’t be equally convenient.
True, making the pill available over the counter could reduce the amount of outrage and invective available for entertaining radio audiences, spurring political fundraising and otherwise amusing the American public. But the medical risks are quite low.
Partly because birth-control pills are available only by prescription, people tend to think they’re more dangerous and less well understood than they actually are. In fact, “more is known about the safety of oral contraceptives than has been known about any other drug in the history of medicine,” declared an editorial in the American Journal of Public Health back in 1993. That editorial accompanied an article arguing for over-the-counter sales.


  1. Big Pharma won't have that either. That would cheapen the product and they wouldn't make the money they do on it.

    I wish they would make oral contraceptives over-the-counter. That would solve the whole moral/spiritual/individual liberty problem. It would also make them more affordable.

  2. No argument there, but the corporate consortium's and the parties aren't altogether distinguishable.

  3. And it just doesn't satisfy if you can't take a piece out of somebody else to pay for it...


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