Friday, January 4, 2013

Feeling Fiesta-ive!

Light blogging of late, since I'm gearing up for a deployment, work has been brutal. So many firearm and liberty issues little time.

But I did have to carve out some precious sleep time to watch my beloved Oregon Ducks thump a very good Kansas State team last night. Not only am I ecstatic due to some very lean years as a Quacker Backer throughout my life, but last night had special meaning given the three years I was exiled to Manhattan, Kansas and the 1st Infantry Division. I got so tired of seeing purple [and simply being in Kansas], and a fond desire was to see the Wildcats host the Ducks. I thought my wish came true when the two teams were slated for a Home and Home last year....then K State backed out when Oregon had the opportunity to play LSU.

I'm rather sleepy this morning, which means extra coffee while I try to save the world. But it's a happy sort of sleepy.


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