Friday, January 4, 2013

More Lies of the Media

From the same media outlet that decided to publicly post the names and addresses of registered, and law abiding gun owners on two NY counties, comes another deliberately false missive, designed to mislead readers to support an ideological agenda.
However, one would hope that gun owners, whether or not they are members of the National Rifle Association, might be able to transfer their outrage over the website to more meaningful actions. There are so many responsible and nonthreatening actions that they could be pursuing, and as gun owners their collective voice would be especially powerful in demanding that those lawmakers who are scared of and subservient to the NRA have the courage to support responsible legislation. One logical piece of legislation that should command the support of every rational citizen would be to prevent the easy purchase of guns by criminals and the mentally ill at gun shows, flea markets, and the Internet. Indeed, anyone can purchase on the Internet today and have delivered tomorrow the weapon that killed the children in Newtown, the moviegoers in Aurora, Colo., the volunteer firefighters in upstate New York, and the thousands of young black and Hispanic men killed each year in cities across the country.


Firearms purchased over the internet must be delivered to authorized and licensed firearms dealers and turned over [with a fee] to the customer only after a satisfactory background check. Absolutely no different than walking into a gun store and conducting a purchase from start to finish.

Utter fabrication for political gain. And it's disgusting.


  1. The disgusting thing is the registration of guns in the first place. The 2nd amendment isn't about hunting or home defense or whatever BS the media is spewing about these days. It is about being able to defend yourself against the government. To that end, a true patriot should always obtain unregistered firearms regardless of laws and policies. (Or manufacture them yourself) To do otherwise is not only to risk having them confiscated when you need them most, but to give the government a sense of false security, and over confidence in their ability to rule without consequence.

  2. The bed-wetting gun-grabbing are going all out, and no lie is too big.

    I have no problem with closing the gun show 'loophole,' but FBI statistics consistently show that such purchases account for not even 1% of gun crime, so it's another 'solution' that solves nothing.

    We already have laws saying criminals can't have guns. Guess what? Criminals break the law!

    I like to tell the anti-gun crowd to go register and disarm the criminals first, then we can talk.

  3. Also, did you see the interview with ex-burglars talking about that stupid gun-owners map?

    The idiots who did it essentially told burglars which houses to hit, since no burglar wants to be shot when invading someone's home.

    Another liberal backfire...

  4. I'd like to say Silverfiddle that in some states at least, these "criminals" that aren't allowed to have guns are sometimes felons for small non-violent crimes. Before I can jump on the bandwagon supporting people with a criminal history not being able to purchase a gun, the state will have to define less people as criminals (felons). The felony system is a gun grab and a privacy grab in itself. Now the push for more restrictions involving mental health will undoubtedly lead to people with non-violent and inane conditions carrying the badge of "having a mental condition" for life and having their second amendment rights stripped as well.

    There is no crime in breaking a law when the action itself hurts no one.


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