Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chicks dig Muddy Ruckers

Crunchy chicks* that is.

Hiked the Aiea Loop again. It's been raining Ppoki's and `Ilio's [cats and dogs] for the last week, so I knew my ridgeline hiking was going to be limited. I was going to attempt the Aiea Ridge Trail, but after taking the Loop trail to the branch, and on to the Ridge was simply to slippery, with high winds and driving rain. So, since the Loop trail is you know....a loop, I decided to go around once, the turn around at the end point and go back around counter-clockwise.

I reaffirmed my trail snobbery, by inwardly chuckling at the 'pedestrians' slipping and sliding along the loop trail in all manner of street shoes. I rocked the History of Britain podcast the entire way. Yep, I'm just that kind of dork.

Not a hard trail, but challenging today. It was a right muddy mess, as evidenced below.

* Crunchy chicks - Women who fear neither mud nor sweat; them that can tackle terrain like the hardiest of men; women who are naturally beautiful without the need for mani/pedi's and makeup; adventurous in spirit, but well grounded and laid back. I like 'em so much, I married one.


  1. This crunchy chick wants to get muddy on a hike with you! ; )

  2. Small world -- an associate of mine just told me that her daughter & family just moved into a place that is on Aiea Heights Drive, just "walking distance from Koolau Summit", though she might have meant the trail. (Considering her daily work-outs, she might have meant that the summit was just a "walk".) She provides the following for your perusal:

    1. Her blog is amazing! I wish I'd have known about it five months ago.

      I've got five weekends left until I head back to Virginia, and her site is going to give me some good ideas on how to spend my remaining hiking time.

      I'm in your debt good sir.


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