Sunday, June 30, 2013

We've finally reached the peak of Mt Dumbass

The City of Highland Park, IL voted to ban "assault weapons". We've been there before, and we'll be there again. But what doesn't get as much play, are the true intentions of the gun control cabal. It's not about "gun safety".....if it were, they would be proposing gun safety education. And it's not their tired canard of allegedly supporting 'hunters and sportsmen'.

It's about complete civilian disarmament, and the right of a citizen to defend oneself, irrespective of the State.

Speaking in favor of the ban on scary looking rifles, former Councilwoman and local columnist Sally Higginson publicized their true intentions:
"The argument that owning an assault weapon leads to greater security is specious. In fact, owning a weapon in order to use it for self-protection is not self-defense. It is vigilante law enforcement. That makes for entertaining movies and a terrifying reality."
Highland Park Patch

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  1. Oh come now -- there are always higher heights to attain.

    As for the 'assault weapon', they have yet to provide a rational explanation of what exactly it is.

  2. What Nicholas said. Every time I think I've found the peak, it turns out the next one over is just a bit higher.

  3. Dang it....y'all are bringing me down man!

    But you're both right. Stupid breeds exponentially.

    And no, nobody from the gun control cabal has ever successfully defined what an "assault weapon" is.

  4. I think the technical definition is "a weapon that looks scary because to my completely untrained eye it resembles a military weapon" - as opposed, presumably, to acceptably civilian weapons like handguns, which we all know are much safer and less scary.

  5. Ironically, what else is new with libtards - Women especially should be Howling over all this nonsense. How do they think they're going to protect themselves? Like the unarmed woman in New Jersey last week who had a dude bust in beat the hell out of her in front of her 2 yr old daughter on the couch, go upstairs, come back down and beat her some more. She didn't even have time to get to the phone. She's lucky she's not raped and dead along with her kid. Armed women won't always succeed, but give yourself a chance ladies !

    What do you think? kick boxing? Good God. Futile.

    1. Agreed. I can't even watch that video. But forget kickboxing...some on the left want no more empowerment of citizen self defense than a rape whistle.

  6. The very idea that people who do not know a thing about guns would dictate what guns we can and cannon have is so ludicrous that it cannot be measured. It is infinite. Similar to a singularity.


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