Friday, March 21, 2014

A result in search of a problem

In yet another poorly executed 'study', the State tells us that our schools are racist.
Public school students of color get more punishment and less access to veteran teachers than their white peers, according to surveys released Friday by the U.S. Education Department that include data from every U.S. school district.

What the study doesn't appear to do, is identify the root cause of this statistic, other tun attribute it to "racism". Did anybody collect data on the rate of misbehavior based on race? Did black students commit in-school offenses at a higher rate than white students?

And teachers? Really? They're going to try and peddle the line that it's racism because experienced, qualified teachers don't want to work at broke as schools with high discipline problems.

THIS is why we homeschool.


  1. CI,
    As you know, I teach groups of homeschool students -- most of them college bound.

    Now we have to come up with a plan that will enable these students to navigate the coming revised SAT's. The President of College Board, David Coleman, was one of the architects of Common Core.

    1. My wife only has our two daughters to contend with, but we're gaming the very same thing. I did note that Indiana opted out of Common Core a few days we'll see what happens.

  2. The school where I teach has a disproportionate amount of discipline issues from blacks. The Feds are actively investigating.


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