Saturday, March 8, 2014

The most ironic spokesperson at CPAC 2014

I'm probably bestowing this title prematurely, as I don't believe Sarah Palin has spoken yet. So I anticipate redacting the title tomorrow.

Now, I would agree with Mrs Bachmann, that the Conservative ideology is, at it's core, far more intellectual [leaps and bounds actually] than anything coming from the left. But to have Michelle Bachmann deliver this speech, almost negates the message. Bachmann is a member of the pantheon of right wing bumper sticker machines.....who spout cliches and catch phrases when you put a quarter in her..

She is of the ilk that believe liberty is only available to Christians...and any counter to that pursuit is nothing short of Communism.

But, not being a Republican, the cadre of CPAC can obviously do as they see fit.


  1. Woman is so dense she can bend light.

  2. No, Sarah never does disappoint, does she. I'm not sure who I believe is less intellectual curious between the two. But they sure do deliver to their adoring fanboys.

  3. I should have read this long ago. My bad.

  4. I'm not listening to Bachman because I've never been a fan. Why bother? I can't stand Palin but actually thought she wasn't half bad that night; she was keynote speaker; it's WHAT THEY DO, fire the base.
    Did you know you CAN see Russia from Alaska? Yes, you can..........

    I wish I was dumb enough to figure out how to be a governor....and hold my head up high after all the insults from the left and the elitist right.
    Again, I can't stand the woman, but I do give her that credit.

    1. Sarah did fire up the base, and you're right...that's why she was there. It doesn't change the fact [for me] that it was still pablum. I would relegate her to a GOP Convention, not CPAC.....but they won't let me be in charge......


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