Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rights v. Feelings....and how sheep confuse the two

A blunt yet eloquent post at New Jovian Thunderbolt:
"Your right to self defense?!  You right to keep and bear arms?!  What about my right to feel safe?!" 
You don't have a right to that feeling.  It's a feeling.   That's on you.  It's not the government's job to make you feel feelings or protect your feelings or check to see what stimuli makes you feel certain feelings and then make policy to increase or decrease such stimuli. 
The gov't is only supposed to not interfere with your pursuit of happiness.  It's not some bureaucrat's job to stalk, run to ground, dispatch happiness, then field strip and quarter happiness and wrap it in butcher paper and deliver happiness to your chest freezer.  
But lets say we are on the hook for each other's feelings, through the filter of government.  Why do YOUR feeling to feel safe trump MY feelings to feel safe?  A firearm in the home is what I use to keep the zombies, flash mobs, rogue SWAT teams, King George III, and home invaders away.  It makes me feel safe.  Oh you think my worries of undead monarchist ERT cops is silly?  How DARE you question the validity of my feelings.  That's a HATE crime.  Two can play at that game.  Well I think YOUR feelings are silly, too.  
So we are at an impasse.  No wait, we aren't.  Because there is no such thing as a right to feel some way, but there is a natural right to defense yourself.  Game, Set, Match.  Checkmate.  Stragego!  Yahtzee!  Pente.  Boo yah.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! 


  1. Well, how about the right to domestic peace and tranquility? How about responsibilities that come with rights? You fuss over semantics. We worry about you giving your guns to a murderer and having no accountability for it.


    1. As codified in law, our rights already come with responsibilities. Please however, show me chatter and verse where any American has a right to peace and tranquility?

  2. Maybe having guns in the homes of sane, responsible citizens just might promote domestic peace and tranquility?
    And, by the way, nobody's for handing out guns to nuts, no reasonable gun checks as are on the books already.

    1. I think guns should be in those very homes [voluntarily of course] as I believe it is not merry the right....but the DUTY of a citizen to be prepared and equipped to defend oneself, home and family.

  3. Const: Yes, the more law-abiding Americans who practice the basic human right codified in the Second Amendment, and personally keep and bear firearms, the better.


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