Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Great Government Scam

"The American people have to demand that folks in Washington do their job. Do something. That's my big motto for Congress right now: Just do something.” - President Obama
This is the problem with our society and our perception of government. The perception that it exists not to safeguard our natural rights and protect the individual liberty of Americans..….but to “do something”.

With scant exception, the legislation passed from the City Council to the halls of Congress….regulates, restricts and taxes the citizen. Yet we allow an enlarging paradigm where our various instruments of governance are seen as weak, ineffectual or downright obstructionist, when they fail to maintain a steady pace of the regulating, restricting and taxing of all facets of our daily lives. Our media decries a “lame duck Congress”….even as they enable the two party duopoly that exists only to perpetuate itself.

For eons upon eons, mankind has built their own homes, birthed their children at home, schooled their children at home, drank unpasteurized milk, buried their kin in the back field….and generally gotten on quite well without the oppressive amount of licensing, code, regulation and taxation that we endure today.

Sadly, most citizens meekly accept the ever-increasing scope of intrusion and restriction of our daily activities and pursuits….because we are fed a happy meal of government endorsed pablum that reminds us that government is good. Always. And more government is by default…better. Now, I’m not an anarchist by any stretch [though no doubt many Democrats and Republicans would tar me with such a label], but this perception will be the downfall of any semblance of liberty we still have. Not liberal ideology….not conservative ideology….government ideology. And both major parties bow to this.


  1. CI,
    Not liberal ideology….not conservative ideology….government ideology. And both major parties bow to this.

    America's worst problem in a nutshell.

  2. What would solve a lot of this is if the politicians took the same Hippocratic Oath as doctor's did; First, do no harm, and then adhere to it!

    1. Sure, but how would we get this to come about. Our elected representatives aren't about to legislate accountability for their own actions.

  3. "Just Do Something". It is Congress's rights and DUTY to do what it has been doing. Including stopping the President from acting like a dictator and forcing destructive, "in the interest of just a few" policies on the country.

    "Just do something" is the motto of a rash radical: a rash radical imploring others to leap before they look.

  4. Also, "Just Do Something" is the motto of a fascistic, intrusive, government... one so drunk on its power that it will embark on a massively expensive course that will ruin lives, health, careers and family budgets (Obamacare in mind as type this) without any caution or care.

    The powerful ruling elite saying "We can do it!" without any regards to "Should we do it?"

    I'd much rather have the federal government keep the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in mind, and do very little (compared to what it has been doing). Let the people "do something", but not the government. Agree?

    1. Agree on all. The first step is to break the mindset where we rate performance and skew metrics based on the mere fact that Congress is "doing something".


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