Friday, July 3, 2015

An Independence Day greeting to the Police/Security/Surveillance States of America

Photo h/t to eatgrueldog

This greeting is also extending to our effete political and pundit class.....but that would be redundant to the title.

BTW....tomorrow is Independence Day....the 4th of July is just a date on the calendar.....and a schlocky excuse for store sales.


  1. I never take advantage of July 4th sales. Never! Full disclosure: I'm not much of a shopper.

    1. Hopefully this doesn't render me a hypocrite, but I've been waiting for a smoker to go on sale....and I was able to get it at bargain today.

    2. CI,
      A smoker is too much work for me!

    3. It's some work alright....but with some lump charcoal and hickory chunks....I can sit near my grill and bask in the aroma!


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