Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Strategic idiots and faux-bravado

Well the easiest thing in the world is to go back to what we should have or could have done, but presidents don’t get to back in time like Marty McFly and live back to the future. We have to work with the facts we have, so there is no point in speculating should we have done it? I think the question is, what do we do in light of the situation we are in. And here is what we have to do. America has to have the most formidable, fierce, military in the history of mankind. So when we have a threat, whether it is ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranians, whatever it is, we make it very clear that we plan to push back and destroy that threat to us. And we won’t take 10 years doing it, we hopefully won’t even take 10 months, it will be like a 10 day exercise, because the fierceness of our forces would mean that we can absolutely guarantee the outcome of this film. That’s how America needs to operate in the world of foreign affairs, and foreign policy.

I won't invoke Godwin's Law......but a certain failed leader from mid-last century immediately came to mind when I read Huckabee's bluster.

Of course, on script, the allied interviewer resurrected the stale meme of our withdrawal from Iraq. Not because the interviewer and Huckabee are stupid.....but because they think you are stupid.


  1. Heck, even Grenada took two months.

    Gonna be a real show as the clown car passengers fight for the steering wheel.
    Should manage to make Hillary look presidential.

    1. And that's all that matters. Even stale old commies like you will vote for her, because she'll kick the cons in the face every chance she gets. That teeth-gritting hatred sure burns good, don't it, especially when state power is crushing those hated cons.

    2. LOL! Silver, you have to learn the difference between teeth-gritting and belly-laughing! They're not hated, Silver. Everyone loves a clown. We just aren't stupid enough to want them in higher office. No matter how you parse it, the Hillary is a far better choice than any of the scumbag idiots you cons like.


    3. Given that Hillary is likewise a "scumbag idiot".....we'll have to call it a wash.

    4. Jersey,

      I read the comments at sites like HuffPo, etc.

      The outright poisonous hatred, for the 'cons' is visceral. And not just for politicians, but for everyday Americans who call themselves conservative.

      Leftwing progs long to march the nonconformists off to reeducation camps.

      "Responsible" people have suggested an clearly-unconstitutional gun confiscation and criminalizing climate change denial.

      That's your loony, dictatorial and ultimately very dangerous left.

  2. 10 days? The truth is we could obliterate them in far less than 10 hours. My greatest fear since 9/11 is that they will provoke us into doing just that.
    What then? How do we live with ourselves, let alone justify our response to the rest of the world. That is, of course, the dilemma that makes terrorism a viable strategy. We can never respond with all our might without appearing, to some, to go over the top.

    1. But we can't. Not unless we convinced all terror organizations to neatly file into the nearest stadium and wait patiently. We can launch strikes against all groups within a 10 hour window...but there is no possible way to eliminate even a fraction of these groups without a concerted, multi-lateral air-ground-sea campaign.

      But I do agree with you that we allow our optics [specially regarding territorial sovereignty] to influence our kinetic responses.

  3. The Iranians? In 10 days? Saddam Hussein failed in 10 years with US support and weapons of mass destruction.

    ISIS has the operations of a nation-state but is at heart a grassroots phenomenon. A ground war against them would not be as tough as a ground war against Iran, but it would become another Vietnam at the very least. Nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq has not exactly been successful either.

    The stupidity burns!


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