Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is after all.....our fault

We are to blame more than the politicians. We rail against 'Washington' and Big Government' but we uniformly fail to elect anybody that honestly wants to change the current paradigm. We continue to send moneyed, beltway insiders.......or people backed by moneyed, beltway insiders [with very rare exception]...and then get upset when more power is stripped away from us and given to 'Washington' and 'Big Government'.

Americans by and large spout rhetoric about what our Republic is supposed to stand for without ever understanding what we do to kick the legs out from under the table of democracy. We perpetuate what we say we hate, because we don't educate ourselves.

I'm currently working with thermal theory in part of my job, and it strikes me that political theory is much the same as the electro-magnetic spectrum. We voluntarily confine ourselves to our comfort zone of politics and governance [visible light]. It's only when we expand our knowledge of how rights and sovereignty react on the polity [IR, Gamma, Micro, UV, Radio, etc...] that we can truly progress and evolve. Unfortunately, our 'visible light' comfort zone is controlled by our own trappings: lazy media, corruption, greed, self interest and fear. I firmly believe that anyone who has faith in the current system and our participation in it........simply doesn't understand it.

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