Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama, Teabaggers and Racism

Just as there were remarks about blacks voting for Obama simply because he was is reasonable to say that are quite likely people who oppose Obama strictly because he's black.

The race card has throughout the latter half of the 20th century been a political football. I'm not sure if it is unique now, but an interesting paradigm has emerged....either by design or happenstance. During the recent round of 'tea parties' and rallies, there have been racist signs and comments, both overt and covert. Not enough to be labeled a Klan rally by any means, but it's been there for all to see. So naturally, the Administration's supporters have made public note of this undercurrent of racism [however large or small it really is]. The Right has now brilliantly turned this around and has been claiming that any opposition to Obama is being called racist by the Left.

Brilliant I tell you. Disingenuous for certain, but brilliant. Playing the race card while accusing the other side of playing the race card. And another chapter in the book of why I hate both idiot parties.

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