Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Libertarian Musings

Libertarian principles uphold the right of equality for all law abiding citizens. Being different does not represent the lowest common denominator, being stupid does. But unfortunately, we can't seem to develop of cure for stupidity or bigotry.

There exists various impressions by most Americans concerning why Libertarians want the legalization of drugs. This liberty is supported by the LP for fundamental reasons: The freedom to treat your body as your property, not that of the state. If they're counter is that drugs are harmful......that's not logically compatible with the fact that there are numerous 'legal' substances and activities that people engage in that are just as, if not more harmful than recreational drug use. Once again it boils down to the morals or icky feelings many people have. They simply put no thought into the lack of logic or sense of their argument.

There are already mind altering and perception reducing substances that are entirely legal. Tendering fears of someone being 'high as a kite' on the job is no different than someone being 'drunk as a skunk' on the job. They haven't called for criminalization of alcohol, or other harmful substances such as tobacco and fatty foods......why not?

Merely acknowledging logical contradictions is a crutch that keeps liberty at bay. The individual doesn't always have to be part of society, but when no harm is committed toward the society.....there is no imperative to limit the right of the individual exercise over his or her body.

The laws that criminalize victimless crimes are rooted in bigotry and superstition. Granting such sovereignty is not an all or nothing is a logical paradigm.

The disdain for a viable third party comes at the expense of choices for people like me. I never understand why a citizen would voluntarily limit themselves to two major parties.....parties that quibble over hot button wedge issues, but are realistically not much different from each other. Why not simplify the issue even more and combine the Democratic and Republican parties? We would still be just as screwed, but there would be a lot less bickering and partisanship.

When we are always forced to choose between two candidates, we surrender our principles at every turn, and fall into deciding either who is the lesser of two evils, or always voting just to keep the other guy out.

I subscribe to the Libertarian principles over the Libertarian Party, so I would be just as satisfied if either party would lean towards freedom, liberty and sovereignty of the individual. But sadly, they do not. Even subscribing towards a pure Socialist model would have its benefit for the citizen, if you could neutralize greed, special interests and partisanship, but we cannot. Thus at the very least, if viable third parties such as the LP or the Greens can install a fear of hemorrhaging voters, forcing them to place the principle over the party, then I can endorse that as a partial victory.

To even remotely claim that the Libertarian Party platform is not mainstream, is stating that personal liberty is not mainstream. The equilibrium is tilted, possibly beyond redemption. The status quo endorses bureaucratic theft of the citizens property and freedoms, paying mere lip service to the uneducated.

Strategies should be analyzed and explored....but make no mistake, the status quo is not interested in compromise. I still believe that other issues need to be headlined to gain voters, but there comes a time when we have to tackle the problem where citizens are just as lobotomized as they believe the LP is.

How do we overcome stupid? How do we cure the country of Glenn Beck? The mouth breathers use symbols of liberty while denying that they are smothering it. Sometimes a mature dialogue is the preferred method, sometimes it's a slap in the face.

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