Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have you ever noticed.....

that two of the most banal faux-patriotic catch phrases don't square with each other?

At any "Tea Party" event, you're likely to see "my country, right or wrong" and "America, love it or leave it".

Then you always have the mindless chanting of USA USA USA.....


  1. Conservatives are Liars and Hypocrites.

    Conservatives claim to revile the Power of Government, but it's a lie. Conservatives only fear Government when the wrong people are in power, usually Blacks but always when it's a Liberal. When Conservatives are power they use the destructive and coercive power of every single level of Government to advance their personal beliefs, to curtail human rights, to enshrine ignorance, to steal money and to empower themselves for future power grabs.

    Conservatism is Terrorism...

  2. BTW, liking the new blog formatting!

  3. Lastly, I laugh when I hear Tea Baggers demand adherence to the Constitution yet cheer wildly when 1/2 Governor Iquitarod Palin states we don't need a Constitutional Scholar as President...

  4. Thank you!

    And I agree with your take on the Teahadists, obviously. Not only do I take entertainment value from their misspelling of Socialism....but their misapplication as well.


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