Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today's tribute to musical genius


  1. Thanks:
    I have watched this several times on youtube.
    Think of the memories that go through this man's mind, after the life he has led.
    I hope for his sake that the good out balances the bad.
    After all, when we get old the only thing we really posses are our memories.
    The less baggage the better.
    More baggage, means more cleansing of the mind before one continues their journey.

  2. RealityZone is so right, people fail to realize that the bad they do has to be cleansed when they die...and there is no fictitious Gods to help them do it. Bush and his clan will join the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, Papa Doc, Mao and all them other bastards who are caught in the millenia of time, that they need to cleanse themselves. As Mr. Cash so clearly puts it, they sit on their chair of lies...lonely, sad, and ashamed of their past deeds...before they die.

  3. Sadly, I only seriously started listening to Johnny Cash after the movie Walk the Line. I kick myself now for not enjoying his music earlier.


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