Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I think the election turned out as anyone could have predicted.

The best angle [no pun intended] to come out of last night is Gridlock!

As Libertarian who places freedom and liberty over party identification and rhetoric, I'm fairly disappointed after every election. But in the case of legislative dominance by the GOP and the Democrats: the Congress that governs least is the Congress that governs best.

With any luck, each party will be so hell bent on continuing to malign each other that they won't steal away any more of my money or my liberty.


  1. Sorry pal no such luck.
    The petal will now be put to the metal.
    No Afghanica pull out in the very near future.
    Say a decade or two.
    The economy will spill further into the abyss.
    The big O will overtly enter another country.
    Our rights will disappear further at an alarming rate.
    The whole system is broken and the control freaks like it that way.

  2. I'm with Reality zone.

    Personally, I have a sneaking hunch that what went and is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq...and for all I knew a lot of other places the US has got boots on the just the out-of-town try-outs.

    We're reaching the 'tipping point" and in not too long a time the American version of Pinochett will make his presence known, and we better start looking out.

    The youngsters say I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I've seen any number of things that I was told couldn't "happen here" because this was th' good ol' USA come to pass.

    The next "new normal" that we're supposed to embrace isn't going to be nice at all, I think.

  3. Sarge
    I wear my tin foil hat with pride.
    Most of my fears have come true.

    America is/has been massaged to welcome Fascism with open arms.
    I am 60 y/o I doubt that I will openly see it.
    But every day is a good day to die, as they say.
    My daughter WILL see it.
    And my grand child will exist under its weight.
    Teach your children well my friend.
    Start taking photos for your private time capsule in your back yard. :-)

  4. The selling off of America's national treasures will commence starting yesterday.

  5. Reality, I don't need a tinfoil hat, I have a bona fide head injury. People EXPECT that sort of thing from me...and no, I don't recommend you go and get one.

    I have detected an oddity here: the three commenters here are about the same age. Ms. Dusty protested the Viet Nam war, I fought in the stupid thing, Reality has made a statement as to his own age which is commensurate.

    She's a west coaster, I'm from cemntral PA, she's educted, so is Reality, and I am a high school drop out.

    And with all these differences we meet on a pretty Libertarian websitem and seem to have a whole lot more to agree on than I suspect we once would have had.

    (GASP!) Will the Beria/Himmler manque who is doubtless monitoring site this in his gov't cubicle regard us as a cell??!! (LOL, as the kids say)

    One thing I've noticed about the gridlock thing, it mainly seems to concern what might have a beneficial effect on the people in my neighborhood.
    If it's good for us, we get gridlock. If it's for the folks who live "up the hill", it's full speed ahead.

  6. Sarge
    I only had a high school education.
    I joined the National Guard to get out of going to Nam.
    Every day I was in I tried to figure out how to get OUT.
    I did not believe the Gulf of Ton Kin incident then. And I sure as hell have never believed any thing the govt. has told us since.
    I am now looking forward to becoming an expat with in the next 2-3 years.


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