Friday, November 5, 2010

Your allegedly liberal media at work again.....

From Disaffected and it Feels So Good:

Whenever the Republicans need to attack they employ one of their Wicked Witches, in this case Michele Bachmann, to do the dirty work. Republicans feel using a woman to slander and lie provides them cover and they have a stable of Phyllis Schlafly clones more than willing to engage in slash-and-burn rhetoric. The latest lie Bachmann has been sent forth to push into the political debate is President Obama's diplomatic trip to India is going to cost 200 million USC per day. 200 Million. And when confronted with her complete fabrication Bachmann doesn't bat one of those mesmerizing eyes of hers, "Well these are the numbers that have been coming out in the press," she drones. Additionally, besides the deranged lying Michele Bachmann, R. Limbaugh, Fox News, and conservative bloggers are claiming 34 Naval vessels (the equivalent of 3 Carrier Groups) are tasked, 870 rooms are being rented, and 3000 people are going at a total cost of over 2 Billion USC.

Republicans push a complete lie into the Media and when the Media starts discussing it, Republicans point out the Media is discussing the lie so it must actually be true. Yeah, that is your Liberal Media at work. And, don't claim developmentally disabled Michele Bachmann is insane because whenever someone dares to point out the imbecilic insanity which comes beaming forth hypnotically from Michele Bachmann's giant tarsir like eyes the Very Serious People in the Liberal Media get upset (with criticism of Republicans).

While the lies are utterly ridiculous and have been easily disproved, the DoD has said no Carriers will be in the area, the Hotel President Obama and his staff are staying at has around 560 rooms, the Secret Service states it's a wild exaggeration, it doesn't matter. Such is the utter lack of shame of Republicans and the sad state of the battered conservative voter.
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  1. BUT, BUT, BUT
    I saw it on the internet.
    They just make this shit up as they go along.
    They took a page right out of the W/Cheney run up to the Afghan/Iraq attack.
    "Such and such counties intel org. verified this info."
    During the cold war with the Soviets we use to call it DIS-information.


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