Friday, November 26, 2010

The next time you feel like whining about working out........

Think of Dan [Rene-]Gade:

On Jan. 10, 2005, Capt. Gade was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq and was severely wounded. A week later, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg at the hip.

While it changed the course of his life, Gade refuses to be defined by his limb loss.
Instead, he chooses to label himself in other ways. As a father, son, brother, husband and a soldier.
And in the last year, he's acquired another title: Triathlete.

Today, Gade will compete in the Nautica New York City Triathlon, his seventh triathlon this year and the ParaTriathlon National Championship.

"It shows that his personality is just thriving," said his wife, Wendy. "While he's lost his leg, he didn't lose the heart of who he is - being a competitor and finding challenges for himself."

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