Monday, August 13, 2012

Hows this going to play with the Religious Right?

Paul Ryan on Homosexuals:
"The way I see that may be informed by just friendships I've had, people I grew up with in Janesville who didn't choose to be gay. It wasn't an orientation they decided to experiment (with) or choose. It's just who they are. They were just created that way."


  1. It ain't the hot button it used to be.

    People are pretty focused on the economy.

    The left will trumpet this good and loud though, trying to create fissures. They've also been talking up how this supposed Christian is also an Any Rand fan and she is *gasp* a God-hating atheist!

    The right is focused, and I don't think people will be distracted by such side-circuses.

  2. Probably true....of course it still plays into my theory that religious fundamentalists are likely [my opinion] to believe that a third party cannot win, and will always back the GOP [for abortion alone, if nothing else].

    Thus, if the GOP were to own the civil liberties debate and could attract electoral win should be a lock.


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