Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Chik-Fil-gAy Controversy

I've commented on some other sites, such as Silverfiddle's excellent blog.

For what is likely my only submission to my own site, I'll let Dr Steve Salbu of the Georgia Institute of Technology encapsulate my thoughts:

....society that truly believes in individual freedom will respect Mr. Cathy’s right to his views. Those who disagree with him are free to boycott Chick-fil-A in protest. But if our elected officials run Chick-fil-A out of town, they are effectively voting for all of us, regardless of our respective beliefs, and eliminating our individual freedoms.

And freedom, after all, is at the heart of the controversy over same-sex marriage. True individual freedom includes allowing consenting adults to marry the partners they choose, regardless of gender. To those for whom same-sex marriage is personally objectionable, their free choice is simple: Don’t enter into one. But don’t impede the freedom of others to do so. As long as Chick-fil-A operates within the boundaries of the law, municipalities and institutions should leave the decision about whether to eat at Chick-fil-A to individual consumers. If they do, Chick-fil-A is still likely to experience a net loss of business over time as a result of Mr. Cathy’s statements. This is because gay people are the constituency most viscerally, fundamentally and personally affected by the denial of the freedom to marry the consenting adult we choose.



  1. Well stated, and thanks for the bump!

  2. The bump is the least I could do...I didn't get around to responding to your last comment, which was in fact, along the lines of what I was thinking.


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