Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sam needs your help

Courtesy of MSgtB, meet Sam:
Sam is the only son of Hutch.

Last time I talked to Hutch was after Sam's surgery. He talked to me about the chemo and stuff.
As usual, Hutch was upbeat and confident. He talked about all the weapons at their disposal, and how they were going to use them to whup this cancer bitch's ass and send it running home to momma and crying.

I gotta be honest with y'all. If that was my son, I'd be a blubbering fucking idiot.

So here's the kicker. Hutch is going to shave that fucking mustache off his face to help raise some money. He's had that damn caterpillar on his face since before High School, seriously, I've never seen him without it.
His target is only $500, I think he should be getting a lot more than that
Here's what he posted on The Book of Face.

"As you can see I don't have much on the top of my head to shave, so I have decided to shave that which is most important to me, my Magnum, the mustache that has been with me from the start. Literally, I was born with it. I have shaved it twice in my life, both times for elementary school pictures. I will shave it if I can get 500 bucks worth of donations, I know, its not alot, but I'm not that popular. The cause is a good one please help the smart people find a cure for this terrible thing called cancer."

I can't seem to get Sam's video to embed....please head over to MSgtB's hangout, and watch it. Then give. Sam's dad is only trying to raise $500.00......but Sam is going to need more, and you can help.

Didi I mention you should give? St Baldrick's Foundation

Sam looks to me like he's got all the makings of a badass, please give him an assist, so he can be there for all of us when we need him. Make Hutch's mustache worth a fortune.

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